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Aileen Strings Workshop

Since 1993


Aileen Gu

Brand Founder

We, Aileen Music, are excited to be your supplier for your growing business in
“Aileen” brand Bowed String Instruments.
The effort for pursuing perfection is not only our personal carefulness, but also
our management system and team work. It is under our brand. It is our promise!

In Aileen Strings workshop, when go through the broad range of Aileen Strings models, you can expect a progressive increase in aesthetic refinement and tonal performance. Aileen stringed instruments possess the hallmarks of time-tested craftsmanship, high quality, exceptional value and gorgeous sound.

Our name is defined with each instrument we select, with a strict regimen of adjustment, set up and preparation of each by our own fully skilled workers in Aileen Stings Workshop.

We are passionate about our instruments, about your sound and voice which fuels you passion.

Aileen workshop sets up the pegs, nut, bridge, tailpiece according to the international violin setup standard.

Aileen workshop 100% inspects the instruments.

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