• Lightweight synthetic open weave violin bow 
  • Premium siberian horse hair 
  • Silver-plated copper wire grip 
  • Ebony wood with decorative inlaid shell pattern 
  • Open weave black finish 

Aileen Carbon Fiber Violin Bow with Hand Made Ebony Frog

Color: black
    • The WV880C-G Carbon-Fiber Violin Bow is created from synthetic fibers fused together in an open weave to create a very durable and long lasting violin bow that does not warp or expand, ensuring longevity. It is available in a black finish and features premium Siberian horse hair and a Silver-plated copper wire grip.
    • Ebony wood with decorative inlaid shell pattern delivers a excellent bow for a violinist.
    • Silver-plated copper wire grip lets you hold the bow very naturally and the bow balances the elements of both flexibility and strength.
    • Handcrafted using unbleached Siberian horse hair offers a great bounce and resilient.
    • Carbon fiber material makes the violin bow more durability, longevity, not easily warp or expand.